Review: Posh Overload Shop

Summer is approaching so I’ve decided to buy a bikini set! So I searched and searched till I ended up on’s  (online) Shops. It is like ebay, except that sellers can customize their sites and they upload more pictures. I am not going to write the difference between the two here.

Anyway, here is the bikini set that I bought last month:

Beautiful right? 
I bought this for 800 php, that’s around 19 usd and paid around 4.60 usd for the shipping via Xend. I was the one who chose how the seller should send this item to me. I chose registered mail but it took around 3 weeks before I got it. I guess it’s because of the distance. FYI I live in Norway and the item was from the Phillipines. I’m not complaining about the shipping time because I’m not in a hurry to use the bikini.
Here’s the shop where I bought the bikini set:
Name of the shop: Posh Overload (click here)
Country: Philippines

Posh Overload 

My verdict:

  It was fantastic! She replied to my questions all the time and she’s really nice and understanding. 
  Very smooth.
  It was a bit slow, but it is because I chose the shipping method myself, to save  more money. 🙂

Very affordable.

It’s perfect, 100% the same as in the picture.

I have NO negative comments because I’m so satisfied with my purchase and OF COURSE I’m recommending this shop to everyone. 🙂

Have a nice shopping!


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