Flensburg Trip

Yes, we’ve been to Flensburg during the first three days of the Lenten season. We drove all the way to Flensburg from Stavanger! The travel time was approximately 9 hours but the weather was great so we had fun driving.

We drove from Stavanger to Kristiansand on a Palm Sunday 12 o’ clock noon. Then took the ferry from there to Hirtshals, Denmark and from Hirtshals we drove to Flensburg. We arrived in Germany around 11:30pm.

Here’s the ferry boat we took from Kristiansand. 

This is me loving the view and the fresh air.

One of the restaurants on board.

We’re driving on a highway in Denmark.
First day in Flensburg! So excited for sightseeing here. 🙂

I love to take pictures of street signs even if I don’t understand what it means. 
This one has the Danish flag on it so I assumed that this is a Danish pub/restaurant. FYI, Flensburg lies below the southern part of Denmark.
I found a man with a cool hat.

One thing that we noticed in this town is the number of stylish telephone booths.

We saw this dog in a display on the shopping street. We thought that it’s fake until it moved its head.

German greeting cards.
The door of the church was lock. Probably because it’s Monday. My friend’s a bit disappointed.

We were walking the whole day on this street. My friends love it! 
Lots of stuff on sale!!!

Lovely affordable figures. I found ’em in a comic/anime shop.
This is heaven for him. 🙂

Easter stuff.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Till next post 🙂

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