17th of May

17th of May is Norway’s Constitution/National day. It is celebrated every year by Norwegians. There are parades and different activities from morning to evening. It is really a must experience for everyone who would like to feel and be a part of the Norwegian culture.

How did I/We celebrate it?
My bf, friends and I went to Sandnes centrum to watch the parade and went to Langgata to see what the sellers are up to. After that we went to a dinner party. My friend and her husband made a three-course dinner!

The people’s parade (folketoget)
The folketog consists of different people/organization/sector/band in a particular county.

What attracts me most in this occasion is the people in their bunad



The Russ . They are one of the coolest participants in the parade.

Here is a shot of Langgata today. The shopping street of Sandnes.

To sum up, we had a really great time. It is always the same feeling we get every year in this kind of event. However I think that the parade is a bit short, I could have wished for more participants. Hehe! Anyway, the important thing is that we participated and showed our appreciation for the wonderful presentations.

Hip Hip Hurrah for Norge!!!


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