Letting Go of a Friend

A true friend is someone who will never leave you no matter what happens. Distance should not be an obstacle for keeping the torch of friendship burning. You call someone a friend when you are willing to give a part of yourself to someone and vice versa. 
Boys tend to test the water first before they sail!

Sometimes, I don’t understand boys when it comes to friendship. They are great friends but when they are friends with someone whom they like, they use their friendship and charm to court the girl and when they find out that the girl does not like them as a lover then they would just give up both the courting and even the friendship.

Here’s a story:

Met a guy 10 years ago. This was not an ordinary meeting since we only chatted on YM and on SMS. He’s a tall, handsome and pale looking man on his late 20’s. I met him at a shopping mall near my place. I didn’t like the idea of meeting strangers but I got bored that time and we were chatting for almost a year already. When I first laid my eyes on him I felt something good and happiness filled me up. Gosh he’s a hunk, I told myself. After that meeting we agreed to meet again and as time goes by, we became good friends, best friends and we started to have a mutual understanding.

To make the story short, I suddenly got a boyfriend and it wasn’t him. He got surprised (I think) and he started to avoid me a bit for some reasons. I think it was because of my ex that time being jealous and etc. We still remained our communication and meetings. Then I had to move to Norway to be with my parents, so our friendship was put to test. I met my current bf now here and introduced him to my guy best friend as a friend via chat and webcam. Sad to say it didn’t go well and they started arguing.

Months later I got a new boyfriend and it was my friend who I introduced to my best friend. After that my best friend got cold on me and he seldom chats with me again.

Then some years later he got a girlfriend. As his best friend, I was really looking forward to meet his gf but I think that he won’t let me. He’s making alibi just to avoid me.

It hurts to be ignored by a best friend without any explanations or any warnings. Maybe I’m just naive that I only see the positive side of my best friend. But for whatever reason he has, I learned to accept the fact that he has changed and the only thing to deal with it is to let him go. He’s probably tired of me but one thing is for sure, I’m always just a call away whenever he needs me, ‘coz that what friends are for.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”
-Tim McGraw


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