Harbour Cafe and Bowl Review

Harbour Cafe Stavanger is a restaurant with a small bowling hall and a bar. My bf and I were there yesterday to celebrate the birthday of our friend. This was actually our third time there and we never get tired because they have one of the best foods in town!

Each of us had the package deal which consists of one and a half hour of bowling and a platter of our choice and a cup of Crème brûlée.
We were 12 persons on the table and the 10(including me and my bf chose the 3rd one with pepper beef(tenderloin)!

While the rest chose the breiflabb (monkfish) platter.
After eating our dessert we started to play bowling.

And now for my verdict:

It is easy to find since it is located in the town’s center.
  The staffs are really good and customer oriented. We got our drinks right away and they always make sure that we get what we ordered for. The only thing that I did not like is that they did not ask us how we like our beef (raw, medium or well done).

 Everything is clean. Not just the restaurant but also the bathrooms. 

 The package deal is expensive and so as the single serving meals. It costs around 400 norske kroner So I don’t think it would be wise to eat there everyday if you’re on a tight budget. However the meat servings are big so you’ll always leave with a full stomach afterwards.

 We got very satisfied with the foods. The sauce is really good, the beef is really juicy and the fish is very tasty. The dessert is just right.

The pinspotter is slow but other than that the bowling experience is great.


 Harbour Cafe and Bowl is definitely one of the best nightlife places in Stavanger. I recommend this restaurant for everyone who wants to do more than drinking on weekends and/or birthdays.


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