My bf and I were at Saudasjøen this weekend to visit my family. It’s been a long time since I last visited them and I missed them a lot. For your information, Saudasjøen is a part of Sauda municipal and Sauda is 3 hours boat ride from the city of Stavanger, so it is a bit far and it costs to take the boat too.

Anyway, we took the hurtigbåt from Stavanger on Friday around 4:45pm and arrived at the quay of Sauda around 6:45pm. My mom served us dinner and afterwards we sat in the living room and ate dessert. 

Unlike other summer vacation destinations, Norway has very short sunny day periods and the weather is not constant.

Day 1:

This shot was taken around 11pm on Friday from our terrace. The lights that you see here is coming from the melting factory of Sauda. The weather is okay, cloudy and warm.

Facing the neighbor houses

Day 2:

 Saturday was sunny and warm. I even got a tan!

My bf, watching the turtle eat and swim.
Me, enjoying every rays of the sun!

On my way back home from COOP marked. bought isbergsalat for mom!

The cottons of heaven.

Summer makes me feel sexy. 🙂 Me, wearing the bikini I bought from miss Posh Overload.

Suddenly, it rained! :s

..but it doesn’t stop us from grilling because summer is not complete without grilling! 

Day 3:

Sunday wasn’t that good. It rained all day and there was no glimpse of the sun. However, every time I see this view I thank God for giving me the gift of sight.

Norwegians are nature lovers and they love to walk outside even though it is raining.

One thing I learned about life is to love the things that you hate and to appreciate what you have now.
(That’s me dancing in the rain. 🙂 )
We left Sauda 2:10pm today. I can say that we had one of the best weekends ever.

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