My BF is a Fjellgjeit!

My bf and I won’t be traveling abroad this summer. There are lots to do… on  my part. I got myself a summer job at a small company, so it means that I only have the weekends to rest. Also, my bf is waiting for his thyroidectomy . Poor him :(.

Anyway, thank God for the great weather this week. I can wear my favorite pair of shorts, tops and let my feet breathe again! I’m so tired of wearing closed shoes and socks now.

Here’s my footwear this summer. I bought this pair during our trip to Flensburg Germany this year. It costs around 120 Norske kroner. Not bad. :p here in Norway, a brand new pair is circa 300-500kr.
Since we are nature lovers, we are taking advantage of the warm weather. The beauty of the mountains and the fields are best seen on a sunny day. I’m not sure if others find it that way too. 
My bf used to tease me as a mountain goat every time we are walking on a hill so I took this shot to show him that he is more of a mountain goat than me because he is really good ( I mean he doesn’t get tired easily and he has a good balance) at walking up the hills.

This was taken at Bærlandsnuten Ålgård.

Back him is the other side of Ålgård.
He doesn’t want his picture taken, but he can’t say no to me. 🙂

How about you guys? What’s your trip this summer?

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