Visiting Jernaldergården/ The Iron Age Farm

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Jernaldergården is an outdoor museum in Stavanger which shows how the Vikings lived during the Iron Age. It is actually a farm which was reconstructed during the Migration Period around 350-550a.d.

We had no plans of going here today. However we passed by this historical place after driving my bf’s sister to Madla so there’s definitely no excuse for not dropping by here.

The house on the left is called a Langhus or Long House. It is a long, narrow and single-room building built by the Vikings during the Iron Age and the Middle Age. They do their household chores, eat and sleep in the same room.
 Panoramic shots of the place. Can you see me? 🙂
Tada! Trying to look tough like a Viking! hmm.. Cool or boo?

Here’s my bf :). A Norwegian Viking with a heart of gold 🙂 

I think that the huge stone on the hill is an old burial place of a wealthy/influential man in the older days.

The view from the hill.
It looks even more beautiful in person. The view, the grass and the wind blowing towards my face are just fantastic. 
Just a couple of days ago I was dreaming of traveling to see a new place but today I learned that sometimes we don’t need to go that far to see and experience great things in life. 🙂

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