My Thoughts Regarding the Oslo and Utøya Incidents

The incident in Oslo and Utøya shocked not only Norway but also the whole world. The mass murder which claimed the lives of 76 people was done by a 32 year old Norwegian man.

I first read about the atrocious incident when I came across Anderson Cooper’s Twitter account. I got shocked and worried about our friends in Oslo (Thank God they’re ok!) so my hubby sent them sms and asked if they’re doing fine. Then I called a friend and discussed our theories and speculated about the possible culprit for this heinous attack. The number one on our list were terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and asylum seekers who were sent/thrown out of the country but we’re wrong. The suspect is not linked to any terrorist group nor an immigrant/foreigner/asylum seeker but an ethnic Norwegian guy.

If you’ll ask me if I got surprised, NO I wasn’t, even though I thought of the terrorist first because any psychos or bad guys could be a terrorist. Norway is a peaceful country and Norwegians are wonderful people (no doubt with that). However like any other countries and nationalities, it is not 100% stain free. It just happened that the crime rates here are very low.

The problem is that we are being cynical about people based on their color, race or culture. I hope people would realize and admit their mistakes, set aside their pride and change for good because we are living on the same planet- we are all brothers and sisters.

Fakkeltog i Stavanger 25.juli 2011 

Photo Credits to Tommy Ellingsen and Stavanger Aftenblad


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