She’s not Fat OMG!

HATRED Pictures, Images and PhotosOne day when I was eating dinner at a restaurant. I could not help but listen to the conversation of a girl and her sister on the table next to mine. They were talking about the singing program on the television. The child said that she wants to be like the girl on the tv, sexy and thin. She told her sister that her grandmother thinks that she is fat and that is making her upset. So she does not eat candies and chocolates for a long time now because she thinks about her body and what the her grandma will say. She does not want to be fat. I don’t think she is fat. Geesh she is just a kid. That girl is just 8 years old and she thinks like a 16 year old! I hate hearing stuff like that. Come on granny. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that to your grandchild!

Today, people are very concerned about their diet and how to look thin or slender like the ramp models. We are so influenced by the media and the trends that is out in the market today and that is why most of the youngsters these days tend to do absurd stuff just to get that look/body and to fit into the society. Life before was far less complicated because children did not know the meaning of overweight, calories, unproportional body shape and unhealthy diet etc. They just ate all that was served to them without questions or any reasoning. Children are becoming more insecure of themselves now not only because of the shallow minds of the society but because of their selfish and egoistic parents or relatives who want their children to be more than perfect. 

The girl that I was talking about should be thinking about her friends, Barbies, teddy bears, gummy worms and cartoons and not her body weight because she is just a child. Children grow up very fast, we don’t need to rush that.


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