My Wednesday Addams Look

Last week, my bf and I were invited to a birthday dinner party. I wasn’t in my usual mood because I was thinking of my exams, so I didn’t bother about my looks too much than I normally do before I attend a party.
I found my 5 year old black collared dress which I last wore on the 17th of May 2007 in a good condition so I decided to wear it to the party. The collar, the cuffs and the very bottom of the dress are black silk.

Wednesday Addams (source)
When my bf saw me, my look, he said that I look creepy and when I asked him why, he said that I almost looked like Wednesday Addams here so I replied him “Oh not yet, I have to braid my hair first!. Then he asked me not to. :p lol. 
Personally I don’t find Wednesday creepy. How about you? Does she give you the creeps?

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