Long Day!

What a day!
Woke up around 6:30 am today. 
I got very exhausted after chasing the Sandman away.
Had to endure the pain in the ass in a long queue on the highway
just to catch the first lecture of the day.
I was 10 minutes late,
but it’s alright.
The lecturer didn’t mind, right?
A couple of minutes after I sat down,
he said he’s going to leave, maybe for town?
I met my girl friends and sat in the library to read.
I had fun but I started to bleed
because I was too sleepy.
Is it because I lack sleep? Or I’m feeling lazy?
Off I went to the 2 o’ clock lecture.
Took the bus to Stavanger at 4.
To meet a relative of mine,
unfortunately she had to cancel…
I don’t know what to think.
I am frustrated today,
because I was expecting a very productive day.
But it turned the other way around.

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