Saudasjøen and Me

May is a very stressful month for me because of the exams and upcoming parties. I’ve been trying my best to stick to my plans even if it means more breakouts for my skin and more almost unbearable migranes. Oh well there is no such thing as an easy life. However I do live my life as if it is my last day and I do that by spending time with my love ones, keeping in touch with friends and just doing my best to feel good.

So this weekend I went home again to my parents to spend time with them and to review for the exams there. So far it’s helping but the nice weather is sometimes a distraction because it makes me want to just sit under the sun. I could just of course take my book outside and read there, however the weather is not stable these days. What I mean by that is we could experience all the seasons for a day ( sunny, rainy, hail and snow). 
Anyway, as I’ve said on my previous posts walking is my exercise now. I do it not because to lose weight but because I want to be healthy, boost my self-esteem and take awesome pics! 
My home

No words can express the beauty of mother nature.

I wanted to take a plunge but the water is cold as ice.

My role models when it comes to fitness 🙂

White top

My weakness! Calm sea…

Sauda’s Camping Place

Glass debris to be recycled.

Simply amazing!

Manmade beach

According to my dad, this old bridge was a railroad which connected Saudasjøen and Sauda in the old days.

A small tunnel

The main road which connects Saudasjøen and Sauda.

The spring evidence

One of the 952 tunnels in Norway 🙂

On our way home.


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