Day 4 Your views on religion (overdue post)

Because of my super duper hectic schedule these past few days, I had no time for this 30 day challenge. So I guess I failed but hey! Better late than quit right? Though being late is not that good either.

Anyway, today I’m going to discuss about my views on religion! But before that let me first share my religious background. 
    I was raised Catholic in the Philippines. Both of my parents are Catholic and so as my grandparents and relatives. Studied 12 years at two Catholic schools where religion subjects are counted as major subjects and we prayed the rosary every day. When I reached college, I became an active member of our parish church and became one of the leaders of the Parish Youth Ministry and president of junior CWL (Catholic Women’s League).

It’s really funny how someone like me (a party lover, an ambitious student, open-minded and a gamer girl) had a very religious background. I never thought that I could lead a group of teenagers and children. It was a great experience too but at the same time it’s a big responsibility. Views in religion are subjective. So I respect each and every one’s opinion on their respective religions. However, I despise people who use religion as an excuse to hurt others and as an excuse to rule over something or a group of people. I think that there should be an IQ test and sanity test for everyone who wants to join any religion so there would be lesser conflicts and lesser victims.

Also, we should not let religion define who we are. Just because everyone is going to church doesn’t mean that they are pure and harmless. Religion should bring out goodness in us, not turn us into monsters.

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