Day 6- Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

30 Interesting Facts about Myself

  1. I’m good at keeping secrets.
  2. I love math
  3. I can speak 4 languages
  4. I’m a good dancer.
  5. I’m a good billiard player.
  6. I’m a gamer chic
  7. I’m good in spelling.
  8. A good listener
  9. I’m neat.
  10. I’m a cowboy.
  11. Flexible.
  12. Confident.
  13. I can cook good food.
  14. I have a piano keyboard.
  15. I can play bamboo flute
  16. I can draw anime characters.
  17. I love to dress up.
  18. I hate being late.
  19. I love sushi
  20. I think before I speak.
  21. I go to the gym at least 2 times a week.
  22. An amateur photographer
  23. I find smart people very attractive.
  24. I play squash
  25. I love to travel
  26. I love to eat!
  27. I’m petite with curves
  28. I eat vegetables.
  29. I drink lots of water.
  30. I love sweets.

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