La Sagrada Familia

This is my take on the Daily Post photo challenge, ornate. This is inside the majestic La Sagrada Familia church which was designed by a Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. I can say that Gaudi did a very good job. I went here in 2012. I remember waiting to get inside for an hour in the scorching heat of the sun, but I didn’t mind. The wait’s worth it. The place is rich in history and culture. I couldn’t ask for more.



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  1. Beautifully ornate! Sometimes standing in line makes you spend time studying and seeing the details you might otherwise rush past…It’s funny I just did a similar post :

    1. therebelchic says:

      Thank you! Yes indeed. I got pictures outside the church too while waiting. Like pictures of vendors, other buildings and spectators like me. So the waiting was not that bad. I took it as a blessing in disguise. 😀

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