Sencha from Shizouka

My Sencha story

Sencha tea was introduced to me by a friend of mine only 2 years ago. Before that, I used to drink Earl Grey and Lipton. My tea drinking habits were not that healthy before because I used a lot of sugar (because Earl Grey and Lipton teas dry my throat), when I say a lot I mean like 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar. No wonder I was close to being diabetic. My blood sugar was high so my doctor strongly advised me to cut down on sweets. Good thing that my friend invited me to her place one day and served a pot of Japanese green tea. From the first time in my life, I drank tea without sugar. My throat did not get that dry sensation and the aroma is just really good. I fell in love with Sencha instantly so I ordered my first pack of Sencha from our Japanese friend who is selling snacks and drinks from Japan. Sencha tea is also my very first loose tea.

Moving on,

I received the teas which I ordered from my friend a week ago. This is one of the Japanese teas, Sencha from Shizouka. A pack weighs 100 grams and it costs 85 NOK.

I transferred around 1/4 of the tea leaves into the tea can and kept the rest in the coldest place in the flat. As much as possible I want my tea leaves to remain fresh and to last longer. And then I brew a pot to myself. I used a teaspoon full Sencha leaves and filled the pot with water (80 degrees C) and brewed the tea for max 2 minutes.

When it comes to the taste, it is sweeter and a bit milder compared to other teas that I have tasted. But you can of course adjust the strength by brewing it longer, adding more tea leaves or using hotter water.


Sencha tea
Cool green packaging
Sencha tea
Instructions with pictures. Good for those who cannot read kanji like me.
Sencha tea
My tea caddy given by a friend.
Sencha tea
Sencha leaves.

Sencha tea
A peek inside the teapot.
Sencha tea
The set up today.

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  1. guyportman says:

    Good photos. You’ll be addicted to green tea in no time. I drink green tea from Shizuoka every day. Mine comes from Fujieda, yours is from near Mount Fuji. I’ve been told that Fukamushi-cha from Kakegawa (also in Shizuoka prefecture) is good for those suffering from high blood pressure.

    1. therebelchic says:

      Thanks! I’m already addicted. I drink sencha tea everyday. And thanks for providing me more info about green tea. It’s good to know specifically where mine came from. 🙂

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