London Trip 2017- Last part

A trip to London is incomplete without going to one of their plays. When I was planning this trip, I checked the plays that they have in London. There’s the Harry Potter, Mathilde and etc. I wanted to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But I didn’t pre order, so what happened is that the tickets were sold out during our stay in London. Lesson learned! Being spontaneous is not always a smart thing.

We went to Stomp instead because it was the only available play during our preferred time of the day and we booked the ticket at a shop/pawnshop/ticket office near the Queensbay tube station. The man who is working there (who I think is the owner) was helpful and was full of enthusiasm. He showed us a brochure of the plays available in London and tried to convince us to watch a play at least. He also promised us a good seat in the theatre too (which we didn’t get). The man seemed harmless and it seemed that he was just trying to make a living. I know that the tickets didn’t cost a lot, but since he is a reseller, the tickets cost a bit more than buying it directly at the theatre. I trusted him, my friend trusted him. My friend and I agreed with the price and paid him using our credit cards. I only found out about what he did when my credit card statement came and to my surprise I paid 40% more than the price of the tickets. He robbed us!



The Harry Potter theater.


Even though we didn’t get the promised seat, my friend and I had a great time watching Stomp.


About to watch Stomp, but first let me finish my nuggets!




Near the Trafalgar Square





One of the views from the double decker bus! 😀




Church of St. Paul in Notting Hill



Anywho, a long weekend is not long enough in London. I don’t have a proper picture of the Big Ben, The London Eye, The West Minister’s Palace and the London Bridge because I forgot my charger and we spent our last night at my friend’s flat. But that’s alright at least I have seen them from the bus. I’m sure that I’m not gonna forget how they look like anyways! 🙂

Nevertheless the bad experience, London is a great experience. Aside from crossing the road (well, looking from right to left), I’ve learned that the Londoners are friendly contrary to what is portrayed in the media sometimes. Because you know, the suit and tie.

Till next time London! 🙂



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