What Matters Really

Two weeks ago, I went for a short trip (walk) at Den Trondhjemske postvei near my place. This nice place is actually the old road that connects Bergen and Trondheim. The old road was constructed in the late 1700’s as the demand for an effective way to send/deliver goods and mail increased. During that time, horses and horse carriages were the main mode of transportation.

Been living so near this historical place for three years now and yet I have not explored it until now. It made me think that I missed a lot of this beauty and a bunch of experience because I was either tired or preoccupied with something.

This short trip made me realize that while it is normal and alright to dream about longer trips (for instance a trip abroad), the best experiences can be find just around the corner. We just have to set aside our excuses and just go out.


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