Paint it with Magic Dust

Summer is the perfect time to be outside and do things that needed to be done when it’s warm and dry. A couple of years ago, I’ve already thought of freshing up my daughter’s playhouse because kids love to play and at the same time her playhouse needed some tlc. However, because of procrastination, the project was posponed and wasn’t done until this summer.


So, these are some shots before we started painting the walls, It looked bad and not appealing for a small kid.


My daughter wants the interior of her house pink. The name of the pink color is “magic dust”.

My assistant painter.


All walls are already done. Haven’t started painting the ceiling yet because the daughter wants it blue and I don’t have blue painting yet but I’ve decided to move in some of her toys and her kitchen (Ikea). The side table was from the previous owner so we got it for free. Then, the sign is a gift from an aunt. The rug is from Søstrene Grene and is only 112 NOK.

What I used for this paint job.

To sum up this post, I had a great time with working on this small project. Just looking at my daughter’s reaction is priceless and I would love to do more renovation projects for her. At the same time, I feel a sense of satisfaction during and after the job.


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