It’s a good day after all!

I almost called in sick at work today because I was very tired this morning because last night the air ambulance woke me up and it took a while before I fell asleep again. You see, I live just 2 minutes away from the hospital where I work. So yeah, that’s the downside of living so near a hospital. But I don’t think about it because I’m focusing on my work and so busy missing my dearest little one. I’m glad that my will power was stronger than my tiredness so I went to work and just hoped that the magic of coffein would work. Surprisingly, everything went smooth at work today and I really had a good day.

After my shift, I went home right away and ate dinner. Then I went out for a walk along the riverside. I could feel that I’m not physically well today. My body is still sore after climbing and hiking some days ago.

It was a good walk, and it’s good to be outside today but it gets dark earlier these days now since it’s autumn and winter is coming!

Angedals(elva/river) from Vievegen

The view from Angedalselva

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