Self Care

Today was hectic day at work. The flu season is here and there were patients infected with Covid-19 so we have to put on protective suits, mask and gloves for protection which takes time. However, time was fast today and I got surprised when I checked the time- it was almost the end of my shift.

When I got home, I’ve decided to go to the mall to date myself because it’s been a while. It was good to sit outside of my crib and have a different ambiance for reflection. I treated myself with a good dinner at the Chinese restaurant in the mall followed by window shopping for gifts. Then I ended up buying something for myself as well. And then I called a good friend of mine and talked to my unica hija. It was good to hear their voices.

Anyway, these are just some of the things we can do to take care for ourselves. Sometimes, we only have ourselves and it’s very important to treat ourselves once in a while. Feeling good must come from us (from the inside).

Tasty ramen with beef, mushrooms, eggs and vegetables. Good for my body and taste buds.
Meat dumplings
Items that I bought today.
“Do good and good witll come your way” – I love this!


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