Sometimes the saying it’s all in the the head or mind is true. No matter how we want a thing but if the outer forces are not in lined with our mind then nothing would happen or worst dissaster happens.

I was sick for almost three days and just stayed at home from work. But since I’m that person who cannot sit still, I got bored and I wanted to do something productive on the last day of my sick day. I was better though and that was enough for me to do something more than just binge watching Emily in Paris and Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix. So, after a discussion with my friend mister A about scrunch tights, I hit the gym-very motivated and ready to save the world! Haha!

Bicep tricep curl bar

Anyway, I begun my workout by warming up on the treadmill for maximum 10 minutes and then moved on with training my arms, back and abdomen. Afterwards, I went to do bench press. Speaking of bench press. I can now do 3 sets x 8 reps with 30 kg. Well, that’s when I’m not sick! But yesterday almost ended up the bar on me when I tried 30 kg. My left arm failed me. I felt like someone has stepped on my ego so I really felt bad. I got offended. But I didn’t stop from there and I’m glad that I didn’t get an injury. Thank goodness! I just unloaded the weights and instead did just the 20 kg bar and did more reps.

Ever since I get back to strength training, I’ve been testing my limits. This is one of them. I was confident that I could make it but my body said no, I had to keep it slow when sick. So I guess I just have to listen to my body and remember that recuperation takes time.

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