How to Kill Boredom

Last week was a perfect week to be outside. It was sunny and warm. The temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius. For me it’s already too hot because I was starting to get used to the cold winter months. I wasn’t complaining though because I found an excuse to skip (and not feel guilty) the gym. 😛

Anwyay, I took advantage of the sunny weather by driving to a beautiful lake Bekkjavatnet just 10 minutes drive from Førde center. The lake is visible from the main road E39 so it’s impossible to miss it.

One of the views of the lake.

This place is perfect for afternoon walks for every age group as the trails and paths are good and marked with signs. Newbies are welcome here! 😀

Colorful signs

Also, I love that there are benches and tables for picnic too. I didn’t stop to eat here though. I took photos! 😛

A beautiful spot to have picnic or just appreciate the view.

Then as I walked further, I found another spot. I found a big swing. I was very happy that it was not occupied when I got here. This time, I didn’t just take photos but I ate my chocolate bar and just relaxed.

A swing for two! or three!

Aside from the beautiful views that this lake has to offer, I love the wooden paths that were built by the volunteers. Because of the wooden paths, it’s easier to walk by the lake.

One of the wooden paths

When I first laid my eyes on this place, the first thing that went in my mind was “I’m going to take my SUP board here and I gonna paddle!”. Well, but not before the ice melts totally because 3/4 of the lake is still frozen. I guess it’s gonna be on the last week of May. The weather forecast is not that promising yet. Last week was really warm and this week is back to winter again!

This lake is a perfect place for padling/rowing!

So moving on, my plan for this trip is to walk around the lake Bekkjavatnet. I tried but when I reached the other side of the lake I went back because the paths were still filled with snow and I’m not comfortable walking on a wet hard snow.

Snow is still covering the other side of the lake.

Anyway, sometimes all it takes is to just go out in the nature. For me, it helps a lot during those days that I feel down, bored, tired or stressed. How about you? What do you do when you’re bored?


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