It started with a pinecone.

Then there came the twig.

And then another pinecone.

And another pinecone

More pinecones! and baby pinecones!

Stones were also added I see

Plus a small piece of wood

and another piece of tree.

Then one afternoon I asked her if I can throw these away.

She replied, “No mama, they’re my treasures. For you!”

And my heart melted. ­čÖé

Why don’t you?

Cooperate with others

Share resources with others

Ask if you need something

Take care of the environment

Act as a unit

Set aside personal ambitions

Respect others

Love each other

Is it a hard thing to do? We are all in the same planet. We breathe the same air. We are under one atmosphere. We share a moon and a sun.

I can’t take what is happening in our world right now. The killings, corruption and occupation. Don’t forget the war too. Sometimes I wish that some scary looking aliens would come to our planet and teach humanity a lesson.

Not just a cat

Our cat at home has been following me wherever I go. I noticed that she’s naggy today. Since I have day off today, I’m happy to play with her. She loves to play fetch with her favorite toy, earplugs. Then I got tired so I took a break and sat on the couch when she suddenly jumped to the table and stared at me for like 2 minutes. She looked like she was examining me (Probably wondering when I’m gonna toss her toy again.). So I tossed the earplug again, but this time she won’t go after it. She just remained on the table. Just as I started going back to my room, she followed me again but I just ignored her. I heard scratches from the door and because of that I yelled at her. I think she took the hint because she stopped scratching.

I felt bad because I yelled at her but I still remained in my room because I was busy doing some paper works. However she came back to my door which is unusual because she only do it once in a while and easily gives up. This time it’s different.

I let her in after a minute of whining. I talked to her in a very possible human way (I asked her what’s the matter with her). She stared at me, purred and she gave me a serious stare. Her eyes were talking to me. I could see it and I could feel her thoughts.

Then I started to wipe off the tears…

And that’s when I realized that there’s nothing wrong with Aki (the cat) today. It was me. I was lonely today and the cat knew before I did because I was busy overthinking about things around me.

UntitledThanks for the love and concern little fellow.

Our World Needs Healing

My heart goes out to the victims of killings around the world. It is depressing to hear what humanity has become today- selfish, respectless, inhumane and cruel. I hope that we survive this trial and that people will learn the value of life.

The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. -Dalai Lama



Starting Over Again

Spoiler alert! 

Yesterday, I watched this Filipino film Starting Over Again. I find the film interesting. I don’t usually watch Filipino drama-romantic films because first I’m not a fan and second I don’t like the storyline (very typical unrealistic happy ending etc.). But this one is different from the ones I’ve seen before because the story depicts reality.

The movie is about a student and a professor who fell in love with each other. Everything’s fine with them until one day the girl have decided to leave his man to pursue her dreams abroad. She left him without talking to him first, so the guy really got upset and depressed. He sent her sms and emails but he got no replies. One day he wrote to her via and told her how much he feels and how he’s hoping that they could still find their way back one day and also he’s giving her the time that she needs. The letter was sent four years later and when the girl read it, the memories came back and she realized that she still loves the guy.

To make the story short, she tried her best to win him back eventhough he has already a new girlfriend but it’s already too late because he’s really inlove with his new girlfriend.

The film has a sad ending but it depicts reality. Not everyone can wait that long for someone. Eventually we move on and find another one who can fill the hole in our hearts.

So if you’re planning to leave someone, be sure that you don’t have any feelings for that person anymore. If there are issues in the relationship, solve it right away. In that way your exodus is free from any guilt, regrets and of course drama :).

On Taking Risk

Wherever we go and whatever we do we have to make decisions. Those decisions we make have different outcomes and sometimes the expected outcome is different from what the actual outcome is. That difference is called risk. Everyday we face different kinds of risks. From the risk of losing a house, to the risk of getting a broken heart from a relationship and you name it. Let me ask you, why do we take risks? Is it because to show everyone that you are tough and brave? Or, is it because you really want something?

We all do associate risk with something dangerous and scary but when I studied investments in economics, my view towards risk has changed. In economy, risk is the difference between the expected return and the actual return. If they are  not equal then the investment is risky. But, how do we know if the investment is risky at the first place? Well, we have the history data from the firms and we measure the Beta and based from it we get an idea whether or not we should invest in the stocks or not.

But, how about when it comes to love? How do we know if he/she is worth taking the risk for? We’ve been all there. We gave our heart to someone but in the end we found out that he/she is not the one. Loving someone is risky because we never know what will happen in the future. Just like investments. The amount of love we are giving to the other person might not be reciprocated just like we have anticipated. The difference between investments and love is that in love there is no turning back once you gave your word/promise of love to the that person (unless if you do not care about the other person’s feelings). Also, love can not be measured by numbers nor the past (history) has lots to say about the future of the relationship.

For me, risk allows me to reflect on the things that I want in my life. If we really want something or someone, we are willing to do everything to get it, right? And we are ready for the consequences if we lose. Risk only shows how valuable that person or thing to us- The riskier the situation/investment, the more valuable it is and of course you will get more in return.