Starting Over Again

Spoiler alert! 

Yesterday, I watched this Filipino film Starting Over Again. I find the film interesting. I don’t usually watch Filipino drama-romantic films because first I’m not a fan and second I don’t like the storyline (very typical unrealistic happy ending etc.). But this one is different from the ones I’ve seen before because the story depicts reality.

The movie is about a student and a professor who fell in love with each other. Everything’s fine with them until one day the girl have decided to leave his man to pursue her dreams abroad. She left him without talking to him first, so the guy really got upset and depressed. He sent her sms and emails but he got no replies. One day he wrote to her via and told her how much he feels and how he’s hoping that they could still find their way back one day and also he’s giving her the time that she needs. The letter was sent four years later and when the girl read it, the memories came back and she realized that she still loves the guy.

To make the story short, she tried her best to win him back eventhough he has already a new girlfriend but it’s already too late because he’s really inlove with his new girlfriend.

The film has a sad ending but it depicts reality. Not everyone can wait that long for someone. Eventually we move on and find another one who can fill the hole in our hearts.

So if you’re planning to leave someone, be sure that you don’t have any feelings for that person anymore. If there are issues in the relationship, solve it right away. In that way your exodus is free from any guilt, regrets and of course drama :).

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