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  • One of those days.

    One of those days.

    No matter how careful you are, sh*t can still happen. I can still remember when my car slid off the road because of the snow/ice last Sunday. I was shaken and scared. I thought that I won’t be able to get back on track again. Luckily, my car made it and I moved on without […]

  • Bad Habits

    Bad habits are part of our lives. We are human beings that are inclined to do things that seem to be good in the short run but could also have a negative effect on ourselves, family and/or friends. Example of bad habits are excessive use of smartphones, smoking, excessive alcolhol drinking and many more. While […]

  • Out of the Closet

    Despite the amount of stress that I had this week because of the secrets, I feel relieved now that I don’t have to carry the burden anymore.

  • Business Idea

    So I’ve been thinking of this business concept for about a week now. It’s not purely mine because I got the idea from an article from BBC or CNN. I don’t want to reveal it yet since there are things that I have to consider should I go for it. Let me name a few: […]

  • Another First Time

    Another First Time

    Another achievement for me last week! Trying the SUP board for the first time. It felt really good to finally try it. It wasn’t bad but I admit that I got nervous. Losing control of the board kinda freaked me out. Sometimes I’m not sure anymore what makes me afraid because anything can be a […]

  • Another Achievement Unlocked

    Another Achievement Unlocked

    My close friends and family know that I have an irrational fear for the sea/waters. I cannot deny that my fear is stopping me from trying out fun activities and I hate that I’m missing so much of life because of my angst. This is one of the battles that I’m fighting, but I found […]

  • The Worst Enemy

    Most people say that our worst enemy doesn’t come from others but ourselves- our mind. I can say that it’s true because no one can run away from an annoying mind and our annoying selves. No matter what we do, we are trapped in the same space and the same time. Sometimes our plea to […]

  • New Year. New Me Shh. Happy 2022!

    First of all, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration and a fun New Year’s Eve. I can’t believe that I survived a year of heavy turbulence, both emotionally and psychologically. Just surviving everything from anxiety to depression is for me is one of the greatest achievement in my entire 2021. […]

  • No Way!

    No Way!

    I’ve been emotional these past few weeks. Every single thing made me either sad, over joyeous or angry. Sometimes I wonder if I’m pregnant. *laughs* No, I’m not! Anyway, this roller coaster of emotions plus the stress caused by the virus and insomia, made things worse. It came to the point where I felt hopeless […]