Bad Habits

Bad habits are part of our lives. We are human beings that are inclined to do things that seem to be good in the short run but could also have a negative effect on ourselves, family and/or friends. Example of bad habits are excessive use of smartphones, smoking, excessive alcolhol drinking and many more. While all that are mentioned may seem harmless at first, it could lead to bigger problems like addiction, depression and ruined lives.

So, how can we break these bad habits?

First, we should identify the problem. It means that we should take a deeper look into ourselves in order to name and identify the problem. Find the cause. Are you stressed out? Are you coping for something?

Second, we should be honest to ourselves. Does the problem stem from you? If it does, then own it even if it’s painful. Write it down.

Third, get out of your comfort zone. This one is not that easy because sometimes our brains are used to the “quick fix”. In my experience lately, sometimes it could be a struggle but it is achievable if you put your 100 percent effort and energy in it.

Fourth, commit! Yes, you’re struggling but it’s just a feeling. Commitment is not just the will and action to break a bad habit but it’s also being consistent and the same time finding a way to get out of the circle. In my case, I admit sometimes it is hard to commit because of my mood. But I’ve learned that meditation helps a lot and is helping me through my struggles. So when I’m feeling for instance, blue. I meditate and remember the reasons why I want to break the bad habit.

Lastly, get some help. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a therapist, friend or family.


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