One of those days.

No matter how careful you are, sh*t can still happen. I can still remember when my car slid off the road because of the snow/ice last Sunday. I was shaken and scared. I thought that I won’t be able to get back on track again. Luckily, my car made it and I moved on without me having any physical injuries. My car has no visible damage as well. But the incident left me a little scar from the inside so I was tensed the entire trip. I stopped my car a lot of times because I was afraid that I’m going to crash. I felt hopeless and helpless especially when I almost lost controll of my car again on the same trip. I cried and thought that I might not make it. I was angry at myself for being a coward and being so sensitive to things around me. However something hit me and it is that this incident has shown me how strong I could be when I choose to be strong and when I choose not to pretend that I am alright. Choosing to be strong (and being strong) doesn’t mean the absence of fear, angst and frustration. Being strong means that you still choose the right way (or thing) to do and taking down your barriers even if it scares you to death.

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