It’s the Journey that Matters in the End

During my stay in Bergen, I got sick. I got a flu for around a week. Though it’s not serious (or fatal.. Lol), it still was draining my energy. However, I was so eager to go out because of the nice weather and use the remaining of my vacation days into something fun. So I went out with Zorro, despite of my flu.

We went for a walk (hike) at a hill at Toppe. Zorro and I followed the sign to Geitanuken (our destination). We walked around from 10- 15 minutes before we found the trail up to the hill.

The temperature was approximately 25 degrees Celsius. It’s tolerable but as we go further up the hill, it got warmer and more energy demanding. Even Zorro had to take a break.

_DSC8479My hiking companion. He may be small but I can say that he has a stamina like a mountain goat.


Moving on, we reached this beautiful spot. I thought that we’ve reached Geitanuken already, but later I found out that it’s not the right place and I also found out that we’re a bit lost. Yes, I know. Sometimes I don’t have any sense of direction. But what can I do? It’s my first time there and I didn’t see more signs. 😛


_DSC8521The place that we’ve been to is enclosed with a fence because it’s a grazing area for cattle. However, it’s still open for everyone as long as we don’t disturb the animals.

_DSC8536On our way down the hill.

Zorro and I didn’t make it to Geitanuken unfortunately because we got lost, but I had fun exploring the place that I’ve never been to and I’m sure that Zorro had a great time running and sniffing nature. So it’s not bad after all.

_DSC8545The view from Lokketodalen. Hurtigruten cruising the fjord.

The trail that we took on the way down led us to a residential area. The view’s not disappointing either. 🙂

Anyway, the trip took us 1.5 hours. We’re slow because we took 2 breaks and as I’ve said earlier, we got lost. When it comes to food and drinks, I took a liter of water, cookies and dog treats.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” -Earnest Hemingway

The Trip to Preikestolen

Preikestolen is one of the most visited places here in Norway. It is located at the western part of the country and belongs to Rogaland county. If you have been in Stavanger then I assumed that you have also heard about Preikestolen. Since Preikestolen is just a ferry and car/bus (the direct bus from Stavanger to the site is only available during season) ride from Stavanger.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I went to Preikestolen. The trip was really great and we had so much fun. Also, the weather was really good. It was sunny. So everyone’s happy during the hike.

Anyway, the plan was to catch the ferry to Tau at 8:30 a.m. but someone kept on snoozing the alarm so we left for Tau at 10:50 from Stavanger. Then from Tau we took the bus to Jørpeland. FYI, we didn’t drive. So we walked 3 hours from Jørpeland to the Preikestolen site.

at Jørpeland
Hiking is no joke. A good body condition is a prerequisite. Here I am preparing for the 3 hour walk!

3 hours of walking is really long but if you are not alone, time goes by swiftly. So hiking with friends is highly recommended here.

When we reached the site, we had to walk for another 2 hours to reach the top.

Finally on the trail to the Pulpit Rock! Woohoo!
Overlooking Preikestolen

There are many trails here. We took the local trail (accidentally) and reached the part higher than the Pulpit Rock. But so glad we did! The view is just simply amazing.

The picture speaks for itself.


Summary of our trip:

Stavanger-Tau by ferry =1hr and 5 minutes

Tau-Jørpeland by bus= circa 30 minutes

Jørpeland-Preikestolen site (camp) by foot= 3 hrs

Preikestolen site- top (Preikestolen)= 4 hrs and a half (back and forth)