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  • Monochrome Series 1: Moods do not lie.

    Monochrome Series 1: Moods do not lie.

    Blue skies, green fields and one happy weiner dog. I got nothing to complain but my mood says otherwise.  

  • No Shortcuts. Just Fun.

    No Shortcuts. Just Fun.

    Zorro and I hiked Fløyen yesterday. This was not our first time together at Fløyen. We were there around 2 years ago. This time we did not take the funicular to the top. We hiked. The path is not hard to find, it is just on the left side of the entrance. We left the […]

  • Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

    For the first time, I am joining Cee’s Black and White photo challenge. I have been following Cee here on WordPress for quite a while now and I always get tempted to do some of the photo challenges. The reason why I am only doing this now is because I am doing photo challenges already […]

  • That Look

    That Look

    That look you get when you’re daydreaming about your crush during the yoga class…

  • I’ll be watching you

    This is my take on last weekend’s The Daily Post photo challenge, Eye Spy. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we get that feeling that someone is watching us. Sometimes it’s just the mind playing tricks on us. However there are times that it’s the instincts that try to warn us.  

  • Struggles of Having a Dog at Home Part 1: The Puppy Eyes

    I hate to admit this but I’m quite weak when it comes to dogs giving me puppy eyes. Well, I don’t give him treats every time he looks at me like that but it’s just painful for me to ignore him.

  • Vinteren kommer!

    Winter is coming. We can all feel it. It’s in the air.

  • When Sandman Visits

    I was just away for a minute to get the camera. Then, when I came back I saw him sleeping soundly already. Geesh! Sandman’s fast! I can’t compete…

  • It’s the Journey that Matters in the End

    During my stay in Bergen, I got sick. I got a flu for around a week. Though it’s not serious (or fatal.. Lol), it still was draining my energy. However, I was so eager to go out because of the nice weather and use the remaining of my vacation days into something fun. So I […]