For The Curious Cows

I’m one of the few who eat vegetable salad on a daily basis. I can’t say that I’m proud but I say that I’m healtier now. I thank my family especially my parents who were really patient on feeding me green and leafy vegetables when I was a little kid. I know it is not an easy task to feed kids with vegetables.

Some of the people I know were implying that the reason why I eat salad is that I want to reduce weight and be thin. They thought that I don’t eat a lot as much as they do because I eat salads. I’m not surprised on how they associate salads and weight loss, I’m sure everyone has seen the ads about weight loss and dieting. It’s frustrating to explain to some of them that I eat healthy because I want to be healthy and I don’t need to reduce weight. We all know that there are various reasons why people are into this kind of lifestyle, so before you come up with a conclusion ask first. I honestly got offended when someone told me that I don’t eat like normal people do. 
Anyway, enough with the ranting, I want to share an example of what I usually eat every weekdays.
  1.  To start my day, I eat a big slice of bread with ham and/or cheese  and a glass of milk during breakfast. 
  2. During my lectures I always make sure that I have a bottle of water and some cookies with me (Just in case I get hungry or thirsty)
  3. I usually have salads for brunch.
  4. I still eat salads for lunch but this time, double portion.
  5. For dinner, I’d eat anything (example: meat, fish, chicken, rice etc)
  6. If I get hungry in between the meals I eat snacks(cookies, chocolates, etc).
Say, ain’t this a normal diet? >.<
Being healthy is not just about reducing weight nor having curves but it’s how you take care and love yourself.  

Author: therebelchic

Cristina is 29-year-old photo enthusiast and an aspiring photographer. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to Norway when she was 19 years old. She is currently working in Bergen as a health care assistant and sales agent. During her free time, she would go out and explore nature in the nearby areas alone or with friends and share her adventures on her blog. She dreams of conquering each and every mountains of Norway and take photos of the fjords and wildlife. She also wants to explore portrait photography. Her gadgets of choice are smartphones, iPad and digital cameras. Her blog serve as er online book for her family, friends, acquaintances and people who share the same interests with her or for those who just need an inspiration. So basically, her blog is not only for photos but for musings as well. She also wants to inspire people to go out in nature. Disclaimer: All photos in this blog are taken by me a.k.a. The Rebel Chic unless stated otherwise.

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