A Student’s Blah Blahs: A Yummy Discovery

I woke up late today due to lack of sleep last night. I’ve been reading for my exams this month and in December. I have this feeling of excitement but at the same time I’m nervous. Well, I guess it’s the feeling you get when you anticipate something big in your life.

Anyway, I’ve been to my Finance and Investment class today. It was actually the last lecture. I hated that class and I didn’t like the professor (‘coz he puts me to sleep in class). However today I felt sad and I felt fortunate. Sad because I’m going to miss the monotonous tone of my professor and fortunate because finally almost done with the course and the professor is really helpful. I admit that I’m going to miss the old man. :p
After school, I went to the public library and reviewed my notes and did some exercises. It was a bit messy and frustrating at first but I managed to calm myself down and understand the previous and the latest lessons. I was really impressed by the productiveness and the level of focus I had today. Believe me or not, the reading room wasn’t empty when I came there. It surprised me that after a couple of hours (It felt like 30 mins) I was the only person inside then my imagination started playing tricks on me, -What if I’m already dead?, What if they got eaten by a zombie, What if this place is hunted and etc. :p I guess I was daydreaming or “daynightmaring”. Maybe my brain or mind has developed this defence mechanism against the frustration I had earlier today. 
When I was finally fed up by numbers and letters in my head, I’ve decided to go home, and relax. Then there came the chicken craving! Luckily, we still have some chicken fillets left in the freezer. ๐Ÿ˜€ My bf asked me what I will do with the chicken. I told him that I can make “adobo” since we have soy sauce, vinegar and garlic but I’ve decided not to because we just had it last week. 
Then it came to me that we still have ginger so I started to saute garlic, onions, ginger and I added the chicken fillet and the broth-Yes I was making tinolang manok. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also had to use soy sauce because we ran out of salt. I honestly disliked the taste with the soy sauce but after 15 minutes of boiling it tasted really good. I added egg noodles (I was too lazy to cook rice) and boiled it for another 15 minutes and 
Behold my homemade chicken noodles:
Bf approved!
I so love this day! 

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