Some Lessons Learned

I’ve learned that
being in a relationship is not about me anymore.
I just can’t decide anything without asking the other half’s opinion.
it takes a lot of patience to understand his beliefs and principles.
trust should be earned.
the older a person gets, the harder it is to correct his/her mistakes.
we make our own happiness.
old people ain’t always right.
we should never stop dreaming.

fear is just a warning signal of a coming danger.

4 responses to “Some Lessons Learned”

  1. So true, all relationships should be complementary; give and take plus a whole load of other idioms thrown in.I, as well, learned the hard way that trust is indeed earned and that it goes hand in hand with respect.

  2. @Lady Stapler Well said. 🙂 Any relationships without respect is like a building without foundation. Isang ihip lang ng hangin sira na kagad.

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