The End is Near

The news is giving me anxiety. The news about the storms that hit the northwest of Norway, the typhoon which caused the lives of more than 1000 people in the sourthern part of the Philippines last year and the continuous pouring of rain that resulted to a landslide 2 days ago in Trondheim and etc makes me think that anytime anything can happen to us and we should definitely act now before it’s too late. Perhaps the end of the world is near?

Sometimes I contemplate whether I should continue to read/see the news because I want to be worry free this time. However my alter ego is telling me that to stress and to worry about something is a must (and a normal feeling) for us to become stronger.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do. My mind is full of negative thoughts. I need to travel to a quite place and meditate-cleanse my mind.

Anyway speaking of  the End of the World, I had the weirdest chat experience earlier today with a random guy on Yahoo chat. At first he was okay and he asked me if we could talk on the mic, I agreed and he started asking questions about my life-where I live, where I’m from, do I have a bf and if I want to have my own kids someday. I answered all of his questions, politely. I told him that maybe I’ll have kids or maybe I can just borrow my friend/neighbor’s kid to play with. Then suddenly he yelled at me and told me that I’m a selfish woman and that I don’t deserve my ovaries (wtf!)! My initial reactions were shock and disbelief to what I’ve heard. He also added that the world is ending because of people like me. I tried to calm him down and I told him I don’t know what he’s talking about but he just kept on talking and talking about how God would punish us for our sins.

That weird crazy guy, I don’t know if he’s doing it for fun, but what he did is totally wrong and not a behaviour of a normal human being. Lesson learned, don’t talk to strangers on chat rooms.

I personally believe that despite of the bad things that are happening to our planet now, the world is not ending yet. As long as we are alive, fighting, rehabilitating and hoping for a brighter future the probability of the world ending is absolutely small.


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