No Kids for Me (atleast not now)

Being in your mid 20s is not as easy as it sounds. Yes there is freedom but there are also endless number of tasks that needed to be done and procastinating leads to regrets later. The environment seemed smaller and louder thus making your world a stressful place to live.

Apparently the people around us (the society) are the ones who influence our outlook on life. If we let them tell what we should do then there is a big possibility that we’re not going to be happy. Unfortunately no matter how hard I try to ignore the noises around me, I’m still bothered and most of all annoyed.

One of the things I find annoying lately is that some people around me would ask never ending questions when I would settle down and have kids. I know this is a cliche but I can’t help it. I should let this out! I wanted to think that they just care about me but heck I also get tired of reminders telling me that I’m getting old! I’m not offended by the fact that I’m almost 30 but to say that I’m a heartless individual is way below the belt. For your information I’m only 26, I know this is the ideal age to have a family and kids for the most of you but I don’t think I have a calling for that and also I want to do a lot of things before I settle down. I’m not saying I don’t want to have a family someday. It’s just that I have other things in mind and I’ve never imagined I’d be a mom now but that doesn’t mean that I hate kids okay.

I talked to my mom last week, I asked her what she thinks about of me not having kids at all and if she thinks it is a selfish act to avoid being pregnant. She told me that being a woman is not just the ability of a woman to give birth or have children, what matters is that you are happy and you know what you want in life. (Thanks mom!)

See even my mom supports me! So peeps please respect my decision. 🙂

If some  women choose to have children, why can’t I choose not to have one? This is my body, my life, so I decide!


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