I Deserve More than That!

Sometimes love is a one-way street. Once you drive through it there is no turning back. So make sure you when you leave someone you have already thought about it thoroughly or else you gonna end up like a desperate guy who would make love to almost everyone just to forget the stupid mistakes he has done.
I remember chatting with an ex bf last week. He told me that he is married, has kids and he is happy. I’m happy for his sake and I’ve thought that he has changed. Then he asked me about my current status and if I’m happy with my life and etc. Suddenly he got so serious. He started talking about how unhappy he is with his marriage. I got confused of course because he just told me earlier that he is happy with his life now. I started feeling awkward so I excused myself but he won’t let me. He told me that he had a very important question for me. I gave him a chance to ask that question and his question was “Do you want to be my mistress, coz I still love you?” !!! Deep inside me I was like… uhhh.. wtf! I told him that no I would no definitely be his mistress. First of all, YUCK, that’s not a proper way to ask a girl! Second, he’s an ex! Third, it is wrong! You’re married for Christ sake! and lastly I’m no mistress material!


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