A Big Change

I’ve always been anxious to changes. Sometimes it affects my decisions in life and as well as my health. I guess I wasn’t trained nor programmed to tackle the sudden obstacles that may come my way or it could be because I worry much about what other people might say about me or my choices in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended by criticisms or petty comments (coz people think differently) but sometimes it makes me wonder why some people are making a big deal of small things and why they are putting their energy into emphasizing the decisions (which they think are wrong or weird) I’ve made in life. 
Anyway, one way to overcome anxiety is to face the cause of your anxieties, in my case it’s changes. So last Friday I decided to get a new hairdo (yes I know it’s kinda shallow). Getting a new hairstyle is the fastest way to change (since you can see the result in just a couple of hours). I was nervous and excited to see the outcome. I’ve never had a very light hair color before so I had no idea if it would suit me or not. I chose an ashblonde dye but it turned out copper blonde thus turning me into a redhead.
From brunette to redhead

I look fine I think but I still think that my dark hair suits me better but this is what I want-big change. My friends have different reactions to the change, some think it’s too light, others think it’s not light enough and the rest think that it doesn’t suit me.

How about you? Are you anxious of something? Is there a big change in your life as well? What did you do to overcome those anxieties?

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