Just Missing You

Missing someone you really care (love) about is like being stuck in a traffic jam on a highway and having the need to go to the bathroom (but you can’t because you’re stuck!). You try to hold it in and concentrate not to pee in your car, dream about the bathroom, try to distract yourself and wish that time would fly quick but no matter what you do nothing helps because your bladder is already full. Thus resulting in a bad mood, regrets (ex. for driving in rush traffic) and a big chance of panicking. Or in other words, you become vulnerable.

I have read a post on Facebook with the title “Why Complicate Life”.  It says there that if you miss somebody you should call (see) him/her. Sounds very easy but we all know it’s not because we are tied up to our commitments. I’m always trying to stay positive  in my everyday life but I have to admit I get sad and sometimes frustrated because I don’t get to see that person and that I won’t be able to meet him anytime I want. I have to wait…

(If only I could buy patience…)

“Bartender! 3 shots of patience please!”

Anyways, I hate this feeling but it made me realize how much I appreciate, want and love you so badly that no matter how hard it is to miss you, I’m going to endure the feeling. And it’s because you’re worth it.


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Cristina is 29-year-old photo enthusiast and an aspiring photographer. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to Norway when she was 19 years old. She is currently working in Bergen as a health care assistant and sales agent. During her free time, she would go out and explore nature in the nearby areas alone or with friends and share her adventures on her blog. She dreams of conquering each and every mountains of Norway and take photos of the fjords and wildlife. She also wants to explore portrait photography. Her gadgets of choice are smartphones, iPad and digital cameras. Her blog missrebelchic.com serve as er online book for her family, friends, acquaintances and people who share the same interests with her or for those who just need an inspiration. So basically, her blog is not only for photos but for musings as well. She also wants to inspire people to go out in nature. Disclaimer: All photos in this blog are taken by me a.k.a. The Rebel Chic unless stated otherwise.

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