Too Much Goodness

Having the chance of living in a social welfare country is one of the privileges in my life that I am very grateful for. Not just because of the high salary but because of how the system takes care of its citizens. For those who are wondering, I live, study and work in Norway. For almost a decade of living here I have learned that each of us contributes (automatically and mandatorily) to the welfare of others. Mandatory, because whether we like it or not, we have to pay for the insurance. Which I think is a great idea because we do not have to apply to insure ourselves for the future. Then later on, if something bad happened to us, we do not have to pay a lot to the hospital because we have already the health insurance to cover the large part of the expenses. Also, the system helps those who are in need and those who can not and do not have the capacity to work. They send them to therapy, support them financially, etc. So that they can live a normal life.

However, there are people who abuse the system. These people pretend to be sick even though they are not (I wonder how they make their doctors believe them). Just to get financial support from the government. Some of them will do everything to avoid work. There are many reasons as to why some prefer to stay out of work. One of them is fatigue and stress. I understand that we have different stress limits, but we can do something about it. Like for instance, if your job is making you sick, then quit that job and start looking for another one.

Someone I know is thinking of retirement. Lately, he finds his job stressful and then got diagnose with hypertension. So the doctor adviced him to take a leave for a couple of months then months later he got better but the doctor told him he could take another months off. And so he did it again. After that, I found out that he does not want to work anymore because a friend of his told him that he could get a dissability support from the government. After all, he has been working for 25 years already and he also thinks that there are lots of people who get dissability support, so why not him too. I tried to encourage him to look for other jobs (easier jobs), but he is just making excuses.

Anyway, do not get me wrong. I am not bitter. It is just that I find it unfair for those who really need the support.  I work as a social worker and I always witness how people with dissability struggle with their daily lives because of inadequate monthly allowance. They do not get enough because the government supports the lazy people too. Sometimes they get more than those people who really needed it.




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