Moving On

Beginnings is something that we always look forward to. There is the butterflies in the tummy feeling, anticipation to be precise. The chest might tighten and stomach might take a 360 degrees turn.

Because of that, our brain becomes somehow useless. We always see the sunshine in everything and we forget that it is just the beginning, and beginnings are usually full of colors. Everything beyond the beginnings are boring, shocking and overwhelming. The flaws are starting to show and that is one of the reasons why we always think of the past (or the start) instead of the present. Our brains are designed to remember the good memories.

A good example of this is a break up. When we experience any break ups, we get upset, depressed and frustrated. However, we remember the person and miss him/her at the same time, not because you still have feelings for him/her but because of the good times that you had together.

A second example is when a couple gets into a fight. During an argument they always tend to bring up the past and how their partner was before and how different he/she is today.

Anyway, when it comes to my relationship, I am still in the first stage (Romantic Stage) and I think that the bf is already on the next stage (Which I admit is making me a bit upset.). I know that I should be happy for us because it means that we are heading the right way.

But I have learned that relationships should reflect reality. Relationships are NOT a source of happiness but it is where you build happiness. You have to work for it.


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