Norwegian Landscape

Some of my friends ask me why I always have a camera with me and why I always take pictures of the place I have been many times before. The views will always be the same and the mountains will always be there. My answer to them is simple. I find the place really beautiful and it deserves more than one shot. For me a place or a mountain is never the same the next time. Also taking pictures is my way of showing my appreciation not only to Mother Nature but also to my senses.

The Photo Challenge last Friday is one of my favorite weekly themes since I love taking pictures of landscapes. Here is my take on The Daily Post Photo Challenge, Landscape. This shot was taken from Hitlandsbakkane in Åsane. This was my very first time to walk here during the day, so I was ecstatic to take a good shot from the highest part of the hill.




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  1. Cool. I can’t wait to visit!!! On my #bucketlist! 🙂

    1. therebelchic says:

      Thanks. Yes, Norway has lot to offer especially to nature lovers. 🙂

  2. I always have a camera too! And I think it’s good to revisit places because they always look different at different times of the year, day, season, weather etc. Lovely photo though, Norway is so pretty!

    1. therebelchic says:

      Thanks! The shot was taken outside Bergen at a place called Åsane. It’s just 20 mins by bus. If you happen to come back to Bergen again (I read your post), I’d be glad to be your guide. 🙂

      1. I will definitely be back in Bergen at some point, so might take you up on that!

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