Finished Strong

Another school year has ended. Now it’s officially summer for me. Well, at least I have summer break from school now. Still a reason to be happy because I finally have more time to my family and myself. I never thought in the beginning that I would survive this school year because of some personal issues. Being a student is hard in this pandemic times. Most of our lectures and almost all of our group presentations were moved online. Even the final exam was also held online. Also, I think I got depression too because I missed to socialize outside of my home. However, I’m still grateful that I have completed all the requirements and group projects to finish this school year. I’m fortunate because first my groupmates are hard working and very cooperative during our group projects and presentations. Second, my partner’s patience of my study situation. Third, my family and friends who never forget to cheer me up when I’m down and about to give up. Now it’s only one year to go and I can’t already wait! 🙂

When you have to review for the exam but fitness is life!


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