On Burning Bridges

Photo by Anna Kester on Pexels.com

In life, we meet a bunch of people. Some of them we meet directly through our efforts and some just came into our lives out of nowhere and unexpectedly. It is up to us if we are going to let them stay in our lives or let them go. The thing is, not everyone can stay in your life not because they are bad people but because the circumstance is not right. I believe that the people that should stay in our lives should reflect our values and the values of our family and most and foremost also do the right thing in life. When it comes to the right thing to do, it is only our inner self who has the answer to what the right thing consists of.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to burn bridges. Never look back at people who try to take away your inner peace, people who try to steal your self worth and people who are selfish and disrespectful.


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