A Beautiful Winter Day

Because of the current pandemic situation (high number of Covid-19 cases, again!), I’m studying from home again. Lectures, meetings and the seminars are online again. However, there are exceptions to the strict measures which are simulations and practical exercise such as the CPR for instance. Those cannot be done on Zoom or Skype. I am tired of all this preventive measures but better safe than sorry. However, by just staying at home, I can spend more time with my little one and I can also squeeze in nature tripping (which is good for the health).

Yesterday, my groupmates and I worked with a task and we were done a couple of hours earlier than expected. So I took the opportunity to go out and take an hour hike to and from a nearby mountain near my place. I am glad that I did it because boy it sure filled up my dopamin bank. I need it these during this dark days. The weather was perfect for a winter day. All sunshine and the temperature was -4 degrees C. I prefer cold and freezing temperature with blue skies rather than warmer temperature with too much rain. However, there is a downside to cold winter days and that is expensive electric bill!

Moving on, I have been on this mountain top some years ago. This is a very easy hike and good for everyone actually. Since it was freezing cold and was snowing the day before, it was covered with snow (and some ice) on the way to the top.

A picture that you can feel..

When I reached the top, it got windy so I have decided to head back. Then on my way back, I took a short trip to Vardebu which is just 5 or 10 minutes from the top. Never been there before so I was excited to see what is there.

On the top of Kolåsfjellet

Then when I reached Vardebru I was mesmerized! The view is spectacular and so as the cabin! The cabin is accessible to anyone. Everyone can use it as long as you abide by the rules. One of the rules is to take off the shoes before entering the cabin.

Vardebu “day” cabin

The outside of the cabin have spacious benches to sit on.


The interior is impressive too! Inside there are children’s books, bench, chairs, an Ikea table and a fire place. Do not forget the loft as well! No doubt this is Scandinavian!

The interior
Wild sheep. They’re shy

So, that is it. This short hike is another achievement for me for some reasons. First, because I found the start path by myself. Google Maps kept on showing me the wrong path so I got lost a couple of times. This time I searched for a nearby landmark (why haven’t I done that before?). Second, because I actually succeeded in going out despite of my mood these past few days. And lastly, because I discovered something new to me-the day cabin at Vardebu. 🙂


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  1. I lived in Norway for a few years and absolutely loved it. The scenery is amazing!

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