A Short Trip to Lindås Lock (Lindåsslusene)

At first, I couldn’t understand the concept of a sea lock. I thought it’s just gates and that the purpose is to controll the boat traffic. 😛 Good thing someone explained it to me and thanks to Wikipedia I now know that a lock helps boats to pass and navigate a canal or a river because the sea/water levels are different in some areas and that causes difference in currents when it’s a high tide or a low tide.

Last week, I was here with my special ones and it’s our first time to be here. At first it was a riddle on how we gonna get to the canal because Google Maps says that we can go on the sea. 😀 Well, it’s accessible by boat or you can swim but we didn’t have a boat and swimming was not an option and not possible because it’s cold and I can’t swim. Good thing we met a pair who have been by the canal. They told us that we have to go through on someone’s private garden/property to access the canal. Yes, I felt that it wasn’t right but the owners can’t stop us because the rules and regulations say that the canal and the lock is a government property.

Nevertheless the feeling of guilt (because of tresspassing on a private garden), the trip to Lindåsslusene (Lindås Lock) is worth it. There are other beautiful nearby spots as well.

The canal lock at Lindås
The lock gate

One of the views from the canal lock
Beautiful view just a minute away drive from the lock

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