Fashion Thingy

I don’t usually follow the latest fashion trends because I have my own style which is “As long as I look neat” style. But lately I felt the need for a change and opted for something “I don’t give a F” look. It’s a challenge for me because changes mean that I have to go out of my comfort zone. I’m a type of person who cares about how I look. Well I don’t have to look like a celebrity but I don’t want to look like a nobody either. However this time I actually chose a pair of pants that are “ripped” and as my daughter called it- “broken”. šŸ¤£ I told her that it’s not because it’s style but she can’t understand so I had to just tell her that mom’s gonna fix it one day.

So, it looks ugly to you? Well, it’s fashion b**ch! Lol

Honestly, I found this pair not appealing before I tried it, but it’s comfy and I felt good in it. I think that’s the most important thing-that we feel good from inside out.


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