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  • Business Idea

    So I’ve been thinking of this business concept for about a week now. It’s not purely mine because I got the idea from an article from BBC or CNN. I don’t want to reveal it yet since there are things that I have to consider should I go for it. Let me name a few: […]

  • Fashion Thingy

    Fashion Thingy

    I don’t usually follow the latest fashion trends because I have my own style which is “As long as I look neat” style. But lately I felt the need for a change and opted for something “I don’t give a F” look. It’s a challenge for me because changes mean that I have to go […]

  • Luxury


    Sometimes, a bit of luxury is necessary. Like for instance an eight hour sleep. It’s not always possible to get it specially when there’s a kid(s) at home. Then on the night before the flight, we only slept for only 3 hours because we had to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight. […]

  • Hard to Find

    Hard to Find

    It’s been three weeks since I last combed my thick long wavy hair. It’s not that I’m lazy but I lost my good old Body Shop comb, unfortunately. But the good thing is that I started to just stop caring about how people think about my looks and the best thing is that I don’t […]

  • Unknown Water

    Staying at home for the past weeks has been though for everyone. Though I understand the sentiments people who complain about the community quarantine, I find it hard to accept that rudeness around the globe arises. I was like, they should just shut their mouth and focus on other things rather than hating on other […]

  • Changing Course

    Working in the health sector has helped me see life from another perspective. We, as employees are expected to show compassion and empathy towards our “clients” while we take care of their needs. What I mean by the term clients is a group of people who are in need of our services. The other term […]

  • One of Life’s Lesson

    Before, I thought that the main purpose of getting a degree or education is to earn lots of money and get rich. I also thought that once I see more digits pouring into my bank account, I’d be happier and satisfied. I was wrong. Life is indeed more than money. I’m not saying that I […]

  • What Baby?

    Why is the women’s choice to have babies limited by time and age? Why is it acceptable for men to have babies later? I know! Unfair right? I’m in my 30’s and I admit that I’m not yet ready to have babies. Don’t take me wrong, I  love kids but the thought of having one […]

  • An update

    So yes I’m home at my parents’ this week. I’m glad to be here and I’m glad to help them with anything. I love them so much. Also, they’re not getting anymore younger. One of them got a problem with the eyes already. I wish that I got powers/magic to heal but unfortunately I have […]