My First Board

So, this weekend I bougt a SUP board from Aqua Marine. Now I have my own and I don’t have an excuse to not join friends and/or family whenever they ask me. The SUP board was on sale at Jula when I bought it so it’s a good deal given that the board can’t only be used as a stand-up SUP but also as a kayak because it comes with a seat and a foot rest. It only costs 2500 NOK for the set! I’ve never tried to stand on a SUP board before so this one is a good start for me to get used to and then later stand up when I’m ready. 🙂

For the first trip with this board, I chose the lake near my place because the waters are calm and the views are just majestic.

Aqua Marine Pure Air SUP kayak board. The set comes with combi paddle, a fin, a pump, a small pouch, a seat, foot rest, foot strap and a transport bag.

The SUP board itself is stable so I didn’t get nervous. In fact it is more stable than a kayak because this is wider and I don’t have to balance with my hips. Just sitting in the middle of the SUP is enough.

Me, just enjoying the moment. 😀

I can say that this purchase is worth it and one of the best investments that I made in my life. 🙂


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