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  • My First Board

    My First Board

    So, this weekend I bougt a SUP board from Aqua Marine. Now I have my own and I don’t have an excuse to not join friends and/or family whenever they ask me. The SUP board was on sale at Jula when I bought it so it’s a good deal given that the board can’t only […]

  • Fred og ro (din båt)

    Fred og ro (din båt)

    Norsk versjon: Den beste måten å tilbringe alenetiden eller fritiden på uten at det blir kjedelig, er å prøve noe nytt! Denne uken har været vært fint. Jeg er så takknemlig for at jeg fikk muligheten for snart blir det travelt på meg og når høsten kommer så blir det sikkert en del dårlig vær […]

  • Ascension Day 2022

    Ascension Day 2022

    The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ was not an excuse to just sit still and get rotten in the sofa just because it’s a holiday. It’s actually a perfect day to explore and spend time with family. Well, in my case I can’t sit still. It’s impossible when you have a little kid! […]

  • Flea Market Finds

    Flea Market Finds

    Last Sunday, there was a flea market at Hundvin’s “ungdomshuset” (youth house). The proceeds from this event will go to the school’s music program. Lots of people went to the event which was great not only for the cause but also for the environment. Because, you know less trash is good for the environment. Besides, […]

  • Work and Pleasure

    One of the perks of working as a home nurse assistant aside from meeting new people is the opportunity to see new places. That’s why I’m grateful for this job of mine even though it’s exhausting and the salary is not on top. A month ago, I applied for extra jobs near my new place. […]

  • Trying Out EM1X -part I

    Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer nor paid to write for Olympus. Olympus is one of the big camera brands in the market today that has been in the market since 1936 ( that is the year Olympus’ first camera was introduced according to Wikipedia). Last month, I was fortunate enough to have been given […]

  • The Very First 17th of May

    Yesterday was Norway’s constitution day. My hubby and I were home in our new place since it’s a holiday. Here in Norway, people pay respect to their holidays by not doing any kind of “noisy” work that will disturb the neighborhood and the solemnity of the celebration. Well, of course there are some who does […]

  • Our Home

    Earth is not just a planet. It is our home and our one and ONLY home in the universe. Therefore we should take good care of it because this is the only home we have. I don’t care if you have the largest mansion or if you are the richest man in the world. If you do not […]